Red-Pilling the Modern Conservative


When you grow up with a liberal ideology that doesn’t really serve you, it can push you hard  when leftist lies come crashing down around you. Conservatives, meanwhile, seem to have a certain depth of conviction that can be broken only when the Cultural Marxists have finally won.

Being a white, straight, middle class man, liberal culture had a particularly toxic effect on me. The very system of beliefs that comforts with illusions of equality and justice seeks to exclude certain classes, to varying degrees. The same way left-wing degenerates like Hillary Clinton and George Soros don’t really care about the working class American, the larger liberal culture vilifies white men.

Seriously, fuck you Slate.

Many nationalists, reactionaries, traditionalists, populists, and others on the “far right” find their way to that point coming from a liberal perspective. You have people who believe society should be a certain way, but are not necessarily strong in their principles. I voted Democratic in the past because free healthcare is a good thing. Stopping transnational corporations from violating citizens’ rights is a good thing. Keeping jobs in America is a good thing. And the Republican Party, then as now, is weak, largely pandering to the whims of politically correct assholes, religious nuts, and campaign donors.

I found my set of principles realizing that Liberals and regressives will not defend the West, and the freedoms they enjoy. They will not stand up for anything if it means being called racist. “Forward-thinking” progressives would rather discuss myths like the gender pay gap, campus rape and Christian terrorism than talk about stopping the invasion of the West.

Conservatives, in the small-town Republican sense, already see themselves as quite principled. They believe in things like the right to bear arms, the right to go to Church on Sunday, the right to balloon up to four hundred pounds watching NASCAR. They might be right-wing economically, but often become agitated at the idea of a white genocide. They don’t have to deal with no sandniggers invading their town, so what the fuck is this crazy fascist talking about?

One such neocon (minus the stereotypes, that was just for my own amusement) told me, “Look. I do think Black Lives Matter. And so do White lives. There is discrimination against white people, but it isn’t serious. Anyone should be able to come to America as long as they follow the rules. Don’t be a racist. A racist is the worst thing you can be.”


And when pressed why they don’t support closing the border to the hordes, they say something like, “You racist! You’re an immigrant! I’m an immigrant!”

Well sure, but I’m a Northern European, English-speaking, culturally assimilated, fourth gen immigrant. Majid the Muslim Invader wants to leech off welfare while living in an Islamic enclave and rape your kid. They might agree with you there, but will obfuscate the point further, conceding that Islam is an especially malignant ideology but refusing to see the effects the migrant flow has on white people (and white women) specifically.

In short, Liberals are unprincipled generally, and a few of them with common sense realize that their ideology is garbage and come looking for something else. Red-pilling a conservative, on the other hand, can be trickier. You have to take them off their defective medication, help them through the withdrawal symptoms… and then they might be ready to swallow the pill.


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