Left vs Right

Finding a label for my beliefs isn’t really important. That said, it has occupied a small amount of my time recently, when not busy with other things.

The Alt-Right seems to shoot off in so many directions. You get the really nasty supremacist types calling everyone darker than sour milk a Jew nigger; the puritanical LDS types blaming the world’s woes on the existence of concentrated populations; the pagan fucknuts waxing lyrical about Odin. Embracing the label brings with it a host of issues.

There’s really only a select few issues that matter.

  1. H.B.D.: Summed up by Jared Taylor as “race and IQ”. Accept that we are not all equal.
  2. Immigration: Kill it. We need homogenous societies to maximize trust and continue to grow.
  3. Liberal Democracy: Get rid. That’s what opened the door to multiculturalism in the first place.

(Also, as a side note. I am uninterested in hatred. I accept that people of different races should live in their own societies. And at present, Whites are the only ones denied this right. This doesn’t justify violence, or pointless cruelty.)

People have pointed out I don’t seem very “right” on certain issues.

And they’re right. I’m not.

Rejecting the equality of all mankind earns me the label “far-right” on any spectrum conforming to today’s standards, but why would I be interested in that?

So fuck the labels for the most part. Suffice it to say — and a lot of truly right-wing people have pointed this out — I have a lot more in common with the latte-guzzling urbanite than the old-fashioned, small town American Ubermensch.


2 thoughts on “Left vs Right

  1. If you reject Liberal Democracy, you are certainly far enough from both the Latte-guzzlers and the Backwater Ubermenschen. If you’ve rejected Egalitarianism and embraced the Ethno-state, essentially the only thing keeping you from completing the journey into Tradition, Reaction, Counter-Revolution, etc., is the final step of asserting these goods for moral, rather than merely pragmatic reasons.

    The path that has brought you thus far, and, in my opinion, would take you there, is rooted in honesty – a quality which seems to be on display in this post. Godspeed!


    1. Hi Aurelius. Your work is brilliant, it’s the only reason I ever visit RoK.
      My rejection of egalitarianism is based in morality, of a secular sort.
      One can embrace some aspects of modernity (and strive to minimize needless stratification, in the interest of national unity) while also accepting that hierarchy is deep in our nature.


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