Race-Realism in the Belly of the Beast


The Pacific Northwest is mostly, overwhelmingly white.

There is a strong sense of white guilt among those who’ve had unfortunate exposure to toxic ideas like critical race theory, but underlying that is a deep-seated, unconscious awareness. That whole “implicit racism” thing that regressives are always talking about.

Your average Portlandian or Seattleite will protest, but they do realize that their cultural havens of good taste would not exist under any other circumstances. White majorities allow for some very nice things. A lower-middle class white neighborhood in such a progressive city is a nice place to raise children, complete with bike lanes and other new-urbanist charms; a predominantly black neighborhood at the same socioeconomic level tends to fall into disrepair to the point of resembling a Third World country.

I attended one of the most SJW-riddled, progressive universities on this continent, not far from the coast. One thing that’s easy to pick up on is that the SJW types do not practice what they preach. A slender urban elf (who would have been quite pretty if not for her bright green dye-job) told me at great length about her dissertation on the treatment of black communities by police. The way she spoke about the topic was very clinical, the way someone might talk about the humane treatment of animals. “Oh, isn’t is awful. 58% of them grow up without a father. The system has really failed, we should release all non-violent black criminals immediately.”

White SJWs might feel concern for the welfare of other racial groups, but this  is 1) borne partially from extreme levels of white guilt and 2) with a dispassionate air, advocating for the interests of people she’d like to keep at arm’s length.

I used to be one of those people. Maybe not full SJW, but progressive, categorically liberal on every issue. My white cis het bourgeois man status kept me from fully embracing something that hated my guts, solely on the basis of these identities.

Beneath every liberal platitude is a nagging awareness. Liberals love to have the right data, the perfect stats, to justify each and every aspect of their ideology so you’re the backwards idiot for disagreeing. However, they have a massive blindspot when it comes to IQ differences and race, gaps in earnings, behavioral patterns, and basic ecology. The Alt Left is the natural (eventual) conclusion for the cucked white lib — the decision to embrace scientific literacy and stop self-flagellating.




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