Hipsterdom and White Genes

Carl Benjamin’s assessment of the Alt-Right includes a point about Western culture being a “direct expression of white genes”.

Those who identify as Alt-Right point to the historical preeminence of Europe and the United States, in contrast to the multicultural purgatories they’ve become. Despite this, I’d argue that tolerant liberal culture also has its roots in White genes, and shouldn’t be cast aside.

As obnoxious as the white guilt-wracked anemic urban hipster definitely is might be, he’s one of us. Notice how his affected, self-imposed poverty will never force him to cohabitate with non-whites.

Of course there are non-white hipsters, but hipster culture is broadly seen as a “white thing”. The visual of a black hipster is as cringe-inducing as Jonah Hill’s Eminem phase in 21 Jump Street. These things simply are not compatible. It’s undeniable that the city of Portland would have a lot fewer cutesy coffeeshops and organic produce stands (and forget about those permissive social attitudes) if it was majority-black or brown.

I am inclined to despise these people, with their man-buns or ironic fashy haircuts. With their useless internships and esoteric fields of study. With their sermons on gentrification and going vegetarian. Before thinking hard on it, I was ready to completely write them off as anti-white garbage, contributing to our decline into multiculturalism.

Another point Sargon makes about the Alt-Right is that they are collectivists. He would probably call the Alt-Left collectivist too. What he fails to realize is that all non-whites are deeply collectivist, and by comparison any collectivism on our part is a reaction, a defensive measure to get us back on even footing.

Liberal values are something peculiar to white societies. We are the only ones who embrace individualism, and the enlightened social values that come with it. When we try and apply those to outsiders, we come into a bind –the one whites are in today — where whites are atomized individuals barred from any kind of shared pride, while non-whites are encouraged to collectivize. Some of us might see blacks as people with individual agency, but they certainly don’t reflect in this way on their own lives or look at us in the same way. So, I’ll defend my liberal SWPL brethren and the good things they’ve created, even if most of them contribute to our problem and will never see eye to eye with a rabid racist like me.

But to keep the fragile, tenuous magic alive, white countries need to be homogenous. For the SWPLs it should be an easy choice.


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