Out of Left Field

Hey guys, it’s been almost a month. There are still a few essays in the works for this blog, but lately the writing process has really started to get tedious, due mostly to my other (paid) work. So that gave me the idea for a podcast, Out of Left Field. Each week I choose a broad topic (leftist […]

Hipsterdom and White Genes

Carl Benjamin’s assessment of the Alt-Right includes a point about Western culture being a “direct expression of white genes”. Those who identify as Alt-Right point to the historical preeminence of Europe and the United States, in contrast to the multicultural purgatories they’ve become. Despite this, I’d argue that tolerant liberal culture also has its roots in White […]

Race-Realism in the Belly of the Beast

The Pacific Northwest is mostly, overwhelmingly white. There is a strong sense of white guilt among those who’ve had unfortunate exposure to toxic ideas like critical race theory, but underlying that is a deep-seated, unconscious awareness. That whole “implicit racism” thing that regressives are always talking about. Your average Portlandian or Seattleite will protest, but […]

Left vs Right

Finding a label for my beliefs isn’t really important. That said, it has occupied a small amount of my time recently, when not busy with other things. The Alt-Right seems to shoot off in so many directions. You get the really nasty supremacist types calling everyone darker than sour milk a Jew nigger; the puritanical […]

Red-Pilling the Modern Conservative

  When you grow up with a liberal ideology that doesn’t really serve you, it can push you hard  when leftist lies come crashing down around you. Conservatives, meanwhile, seem to have a certain depth of conviction that can be broken only when the Cultural Marxists have finally won. Being a white, straight, middle class man, liberal […]


Of all the types of media responsible for indoctrinating young people with progressive nonsense, music is by far the most culpable. In film and television, one can usually spot the shameless SJW troping and diversity hires. With music, you might find yourself nodding your head to what seems to be a throwaway dance track, but […]

Never Date a Black Woman

A rather insightful piece by CH reminded me of my liberal past. About two years ago now, while still in college, I was in a relationship with a black girl. The profiles CH gives of the types of white guys and black girls who willingly date each other made me laugh, maybe because I saw a tiny […]